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Narrated in Me

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Narrated in me! is a compilation of extremely thought-provoking poems with most having been written from personal experiences. They describe the heart of a young rural woman from a province called Mpumalanga (Seabe), who has been freed by writing poetry. It is a mind-challenging, life-changing and spirit-transforming journey which summaries the life of this young lady.

She later relocates to Mamelodi in Gauteng to further her studies at the Tshwane University of Technology where she studies for a National Diploma in Food technology. She is one of the rare women who let art and poetry speak for her when she could not express herself in feelings. She speaks about finding healing and only knowing and understanding the one love from the one who is unseen.

Masego speaks about stumbling upon a lot of things to find exactly what she loves; her own passion to be exact. Masego’s passionate belief is based on her own experience and how she moved from a place of anger to a peaceful place of joy and happiness. She opens up about her nonbelief which soon leads her to trusting and loving only God. She speaks about how she thought love could be good for her but she had never been blessed to find her right match until she met Hosia and her way of writing changes when he gives her the right kind of love she was always looking for.

Masego is a very bold, confident and fierce young lady who overcame a lot of fears in her life. She motivates those around her by empowering them in a positive manner to live very encouraged. She is full of love but hardly takes kind to threats and nonsense and seeks to speak the truth at all times.

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