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Going Down: Blackout Series, #1

108 pages1 hour


** Going Down is a little bit sweet & sexy rom-com and a whole lot of second chance romance.

When the power goes out Reece finds himself stuck in an elevator alone with his ex and a bag of vibrating glow in the dark bachelorette party favors, but more importantly, the opportunity of a lifetime with the woman he's never stopped loving. 

If he's lucky their time alone in the dark may just help them push past all of the feelings that come with twelve years of heartbreak, hatred, and secrets. 

She may not be able to stand the sight of him, but by the time they walk out of this elevator, there's no way she'll be able to deny their chemistry still runs hot. 

Going Down is the first book in the Between the Pines Series and the introduction of "The Crew" from Eastlyn. 

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