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God & Square Roots III

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A brief preface lays out the purpose of the essay and goes over previous work. Chapter 1 makes clear that perpendicular projection of unit square side on to the diagonal always keeps the same ratio. You cannot divide lines with the same proportional measure. Obviously, this is due to the angle, and this continues indefinitely. So we need to multiply the diagonal by the root value to shrink the diagonal commensurable units down to the side units. But there is no way you can do this in certain bases, including our base ten system. And if the mantissa of the root has infinite mantissa positions as claimed by the irrational number crowd, how can the side of the square not also be equal to infinity? And then you have the diagonal exceeding a non-existent boundary or limit. Infinite by definition (as such a definition it is) has no limit to exceed. Chapter 2 states plainly that the solution cannot be solved in base ten notation, just as the fraction of 1/3 in base ten cannot be expressed perfectly (to a trivial zero ending) in notation form (.3333...). Chapter 3 projects the diagonal onto the side, makes parallel lines drop down to the origin of the Cartesian grid, using the last mantissa position measure of the root value. This guarantees a parallel line through the unit positions on the two sides, and this shows both the mantissa and unit value of the diagonal are commensurable. Then I review my ideas on different number units for orthogonal and non-orthogonal numbers. Chapter 4 appeals to puzzle solvers and religious people, viewing usual math devotees utterly corrupted by a totalitarian atheist cabal of academic misinformation, people unwilling to hear truth, see truth, speak truth. An appendix offers another way of proving the commensurable nature of the unit square using a mandala like division of the square, notwithstanding the problems with a solution already laid out.

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