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Knight: The Wordsmiths Book 1

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“Knight’s story is about forgiveness, reflection and pursuing your dreams even if you have lost all hope and feel like giving up.”
“I was hooked from page 1 till the end. I read it in one sitting.”
“My favorite thing about Knight by Christopher Harlan was the Wordsmiths. In the midst of the bro era, it was refreshing to see men that were so.... real. They are grown up & mature with serious goals, ambition & accomplishments but still manage to keep an air of playfulness to them. They aren’t your stereotypical nerds, nor your stereotypical tough guys.”
A Wordsmith.
That’s what she called me. Why? Because I could make her feel things with my books that no one else ever could. My name is Michael, but everyone knows me as Knight.
I write the books that you don’t want your family to know you’re reading. The ones whose spines you hold down so that passers by can’t see the cover, the ones you enjoy only in the privacy of your home.
My last book brought two women into my life—the one who broke my heart into a thousand pieces, and the one who may have the power to mend it. Everleigh.
My lingering blank pages needed inspiration, and that’s exactly what she was.
I know two things for certain—that my heart beats only for her, and that my best book is still inside me, if only she can help me pull the words from my wounded heart. I can be the writer that makes her heart pound in her chest. And soon, everyone will read my masterpiece.
I’m a Wordsmith.
Let me tell you my story.

*Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. Contains language, themes, and situations not appropriate for those under 18 years.

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