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The Widower's Secret: Romantic Beginnings, #2

26 pages17 minutes


Melia is out in the field again, undercover. This time, Amelia Hartliss is pretending to be Lonxa Doherty, the massage lady, expert in damage to muscles and joints. Using this persona, she is able to gain access to the office of Bronston Dernier, the high-flying Chief Executive of a prominent import/ export company, with suspicious friends and contacts. As Melia gets to know the man better, she feels increasingly that he is being mis-judged. He seems so honest, so straight forward. How can he possibly be guilty of such horrible crimes? Maybe it isn't him, she reasons. Sure, he has some shifty looking partners, but maybe he doesn't see them for what they really are. Enboldened, she expresses her doubts publicly, but that only serves to get her in to trouble. Suddenly, they are both at risk, running for their lives, lost in the mountains of Northern Italy, surrounded by snowy peaks. Melia has only one hope. She needs Bronston to get her out alive.

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