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How to Succeed in Dating and Relationships

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This book will help you center your mind in order to have a harmonious relationship with your partner and other people.

This book explains how to control your emotions, how interpersonal attraction works, why meditation is so important and how to use it in order to control your subconscious mind.

The basis of emotional attraction and how it is connected to sustained confidence.

How to achieve success in life and dating by mastering worthy goals and how to harness information that is useful by understanding the applications of any new information.

How to create a purpose for existing and how to harness the entirety of your soul and spiritual energy through your subconscious by asking yourself leading questions that prime your mind for success.

How your emotions are related to your genetics and upbringing. This knowledge can be used to understand other people's motivations for acting a specific way or deciding to partake in a course of action.

Advice on Starting a Relationship:

Do Not Do Anything Dangerous or Self-Destructive to Impress and Obtain a Partner

How to Become a Happier Person

How Caring Communication Matters

Chapter 3 talks about advice on the things that you can do to keep someone interested in you.

Analyzing a person's character, keeping up with fashion and fashion sense and how become more resolute in your decisions to become more confident and happy. This is done by making decisions that make your life better every day.

Not boasting is attractive and being a busy person with goals is incredibly attractive.

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Enrique Romero

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