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The Spirit of Giving

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Many believers have been grieved by the manipulation and
error in the area of giving. Yet, giving in honor to the Lord
and with His motive is a vital part of our interaction with
In this book, Pastor Caldwell reveals the spirit or heart
of giving derived from the very DNA of God. “For God so
loved the world that He gave…(John 3:16) The heart of every
believer can be established in the love of God and become
an expression of God’s love through their giving.

Developing in the spirit of giving is necessary to prepare
for the authority and inheritance that belongs to the
believer in Christ. Pastor Caldwell has provided insight
into the importance of becoming covenant minded and
enforcing what the Word has declared belongs to every
believer as an heir of God.
In this book you will learn:
• God’s purpose for your wealth
• How to determine what to give
• The laws governing personal increase
• How to establish your ownership in Christ
• and more…

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