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Signs of the End Times

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Although the events that will herald the second coming of Christ are disturbing and could even be frightening, our Lord did not forewarn of these events in order to frighten or terrify us. His purpose was to prepare and empower us with the right attitude and mindset. Our duty is to watch continually for our Lord’s second coming. He repeatedly stressed that His coming, though certain, would happen when people least expect it to. As His bride, we are to continually stir ourselves up to be ready for His coming at any time. When considering the signs of the end-times, we are usually so engrossed with looking at the negative things that will happen that we often lose sight of the positive ones. There are several positive ones. There are several positive things the Spirit of God has indicated will occur in these end times, and children of God who are wise will put these to heart and watch out for them so as not to miss out what God is doing in our time.

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