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Where Have All the Black People Gone?: The Paradox of Race, Culture, and Politics In the Shadow of Barack Obama

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Using a unique blend of history, storytelling, and fact-finding, Where Have All the Black People Gone? takes the modern face of politics and uses it as a prism to make a clarion call that awakens the nation to the state of black America today and to the promise of tomorrow, not just for minorities, but the nation. Dr. Michael T. Solomon digs deep to unearth and define the crisis in homes, schools, communities, and relationships. In doing so, he shakes those most vulnerable—minorities and black Americans—from their complacency. Solomon presents a provocative discussion as he talks candidly about the volatile issues of race, politics, culture, and the state of black families. He examines the contemporary issues confronting black America while examining society’s role in contributing to the problems facing many families, homes, and communities.

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