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Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace

129 pages4 hours


The book is a novel, mostly in dialogue form, between the Swedish pensioner Johan and the staunchly Catholic believer, the young, beautiful and vulnerable Filipino multi-mother, Lymene; She is real and living in the Philippines under a different name. Lymene wants to be called Mary because she adores Virgin Mary of all her being.

Lymene stands under his father-in-law, the strict Catholic patriarch, Alberto Notcheas, tight control.

When Johan comes on a temporary visit, Lymene by Father Alberto Notchea is forced to wear a chastity belt. But she gets permission to fly with him to Sweden controlled by a strictly global digitized, encrypted system.

On the way back, Mary and Johan fly over Catholic Poland further into the orthodox re-Christianized Russia, where the new extreme nationalism, Chauvinism, stands in a dramatic confrontation with Globalism.

The trip goes via Malaysia back to the Philippines where everything gets an unexpected dramatically final.

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