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Flourish In Faith: A Study for Personal Christian Growth In the Epistle of James

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Before we were called “Christians,” the New Testament indicates that we were known as “Followers of the Way.” But as early believers grew in maturity in their faith, they became more Christlike and eventually came to be known as Christians. Does the living of your faith draw you closer to him and point others to Christ? If so, could it do so in a more powerful fashion? Flourish in Faith looks to the epistle of James to teach us how to “grow up” and mature in our faith, and authors Jimmy Chrisman and J. David Chrisman will guide you through those teachings. This study and collection of compelling, inspiring sermons gives you practical know-how regarding how to mature in your daily walk with Jesus Christ, and J. David Chrisman has diligently transcribed his father’s study and his sermons, which were painstakingly prepared, handwritten, and delivered with great care for his congregation. We are all moving toward eternity, and our lives should be a reflection of Christ as we remain on the way to him.

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