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Strong[Er+]: Becoming My Own Best Advocate and Discovering My Purpose

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Adversity can strike in ways you never see coming: a life-threatening illness, a sudden divorce, the loss of a loved one. Setbacks like these not only knock your life off track, but leave you feeling overwhelmed and fearful of what tomorrow will bring.

Kimberly Irvine is well acquainted with adversity. At thirty-one, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the next decade, she endured a second cancer diagnosis, a double mastectomy, a divorce, and the struggles of being a single parent.

In STRONG(ER+), Kimberly shares how the trials she faced inspired her to become her own best advocate. Through her story, you'll learn how to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions no matter what storms come your way. Follow along as Kimberly finds a new purpose amidst her struggles and see how resilience and perseverance can give you the strength to move through life's difficulties with grace.

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