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Special Child (Dragons Angels Children Series Book 1)

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The first threat and fear the students experienced was hinged on David's dream. Early morning, after their third night sleep in the Snake Island, strange, weird, fear-inspiring eerie cries and noise woke them up. They came out and saw airborne giant birds with fiery talons - sharp, hooked claws of birds of prey.
Their shiny flesh-tearing and bloodsucking hungry beaks jerked to the left and to the right as their weird horned heads turned in search of their preys. They hovered over the biology station environment, painting the sky black. The station's staff and guards were surprised as they'd not experienced that before. Later during that day fresh human carcasses of some farm workers killed by these blood-sucker-birds were found littered all over the Snake Island. Dragons Angels Children Series Book One for young readers would help children overcome challenges and solve puzzles of life. David had to learn how to overcome his fears, and how that there were different ways to achieve the same result. Better ways. This series reports the clash between two orders: the Red Dragon and the Special Child (dragon slayer) of the Woman of Revelation 12 who was ordained to destroy Leviathan, the red dragon. Pregnant Mrs. Nancy the mother of unborn special child had an encounter with the red dragon. The red dragon wanted to kill the child as soon as he was born. The dragon heard about the prophesy of a deliverer who would destroy him and save the world. The child, David was born and escaped the wrath of fire spitting dragon. He faced various challenges and puzzles that he had to overcome and solve to face the future. A suspenseful fantastic read. Order a copy for your child today.

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