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Wigan North Western

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One late afternoon, George appears on platform 5, Wigan North Western. His sole purpose is to find a lost soul. Not as simple as it seems, since time and space are acting aberrantly. And so begins a meditative, homecoming tale from Wigan-born author, Jason Winstanley.

Wigan North Western is many things: speculative fiction, algorithmic time travel, kitchen sink psychedelia, cerebral Scandi-noir, local history record and a frustrated philosophy/psychology abstract.

Jason Winstanley has weaved an uncanny novel about childhood, regeneration and redemption, from the pits of the past to a carbon-reduced AI utopia. Despite the depths and guts, the dirge and grime, the book glimmers with humanity.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, this novel will sync with you.  

Also contains the essay The Soul of Wigan.

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