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Shelby's Way... Maybe: Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Way

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Shelby’s Way... Maybe is the coming-of-age story of an overprotected young woman who becomes an adult. One beautiful woman without a plan; three men, each with a plan.

Shelby is a stunning beauty, a young mother whose husband, a Hollywood stuntman, runs off with a rich glamorous older woman. On her own for the first time in her life, Shelby goes to work to make ends meet. She is naïve, unaware of her luminous beauty and easygoing charm, neither of which goes unnoticed by men, including the world-famous novelist who sets his eyes on her. Then Shelby meets an irresistibly handsome and successful attorney who instantly takes up residence under her skin. Her topsy-turvy world is grounded by motherhood and raising eight-year-old Pamela. Into this curious limbo where all that’s required of Shelby is not doing anything she’d regret, enters Marc, a successful screenwriter and former family friend who, with his final divorce decree in hand, comes calling.

Because of Shelby, the lives of these three men intersect and interact in surprising ways as their just comeuppance is served. Which one is her true love? Who is her future?

Katherine MK Mitchell's novels have been compared to some of the timeless greats, such as Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, and more recently Robert Waller, Helen Fielding, and others. The whirling romance, the surprising adventure, the colorful worlds in which the characters live all add up to unique people getting caught in unexpected situations and sometimes finding themselves... or not.

Katherine is not exactly a novice. While she lived in Los Angeles, she was a member of the Writers Guild of America West because she was writing for television and developing film scripts. Three of her original screenplays were acquired under paid options by production companies, bringing her close to critical recognition. If you love romance, adventure, and twists and turns, pick up Shelby’s Way... Maybe today!

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