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Afterlife Conversations: A Sequel to The Book of What If

349 pages5 hours


Catherine Engel languishes in a hospital bed after being mortally wounded in a senseless traffic wreck. Anguished, she believes that her once in a lifetime love has abandoned her. She questions why he doesn’t at least come to say goodbye and ruminates over what might have been.
Thoughts that alternate between oblivion and everlasting life haunt her—as does her family’s ongoing secret. She ponders the concepts of non-being versus Elysium. Despair, nihilism, and doubt compel her to assume the former.
Out of nowhere, an angel appears claiming to be Catherine’s very own heart and soul. The angel insists consciousness exists apart from the physical. Compelled by their encounter, Catherine listens to the angel’s story about an alternate reality where all of her dreams come true. Obliquely, the angel claims her tale will prepare Catherine for what is to come, but what is to come once she closes her eyes?

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