Stolen Kisses, Broken Child

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Stolen Kisses, Broken Child

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Length: 326 pages4 hours


James Lewis, a pedophile, went to prison and served his time. He promised to change, and when he was released, began a new life. He never thought he’d be forgiven.

Mark Banner, his victim, now 18, has decided that in order to truly heal, he must somehow forgive his abuser. What starts as a therapy exercise soon turns into a correspondence of open hearts, where both victim and abuser become unlikely friends and bear the scars that show them how truly broken they both are. There might be healing, and maybe hope, but stigma, anger from other parties, and the urge for revenge, are crushing forces that soon work against them both.

Presented as a murder investigation, the case of James Lewis and Mark Banner unearths the difficult questions surrounding a complex crime, digging at the roots of the humanity beneath those we want to call the worst of monsters, and asking the question who is the true monster? To what degree are we broken and confused, and where does the line between malice and confused, misguided mistake get drawn?

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