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Blind Spot: See How Hackers Can Steal Your Data.

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In this compact book, Anthony McDaniel offers his readers a beginners introduction to personal information security. In this release, he explains effective tips you can use to defend your data against the complex attacks from cybercriminals.

Every day a big named company or celebrity are victim to yet another cyber attack where data was breached. What about the cybercrimes that have not been mentioned? The attacks that go on every minute of every day to breach social media accounts, phishing emails, stolen identities, and bank account theft. Cybercriminals will exist as long as the internet exists. Our job in protecting our information is to secure it as best as we can. Blind Spot was written to show us how to do just that.

Chapter Layout
Secure Computer
What makes a good password?
What can the administrator do?
Some tips for online security questions?
Wi-Fi Security
How to protect your Wi-Fi.
Hotspot Risks.
Internet Safety
What websites are secure
How to identify phishing emails.
Malware Protection
How to identify types of malware.
Good malware protection program recommendations.
Social Media & Privacy
How much of your data is on Social Media?
Why is important to check privacy settings?
Mobile Security
How to secure your mobile device.
What to consider when installing Apps.
Why reviewing your app permissions is important.
You'll Learn:
How you can protect data on your smartphone.
Ways to secure your home computer or iPhone /Android
How not to fall victim to scam emails.
How to secure your computer better.
Your information and social media.
How do to protect your identity better.
How do to prevent computer viruses.
How do to counter spam emails.
Gain tips for computer security.

Positive Attributes:
Great for new and basic computer users.
Raises awareness about social media and privacy.
Contains limited jargon.
Great explanation and examples for better understanding.
Great tips you can use in the real-world.
Easy reading and in a compact size for later review.

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