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Blunt Force Kharma



Blunt Force Kharma is a suspenseful and intense urban sci-fi noir from the author of the long running noir fantasy Miki Radicci series that throws Raymond Chandler into a William Gibson world.  

Barely making ends meet in Central District, Private Investigator Kelly Kharma takes on the cases others might not. With the police backlogged, a working class mother hires Kharma to find her daughter who didn't come home from school. In another case,Kharma goes undercover in an insurance company to find a rapist. One night while tailing a cheating wife, an illegal child crosses paths with Kharma who she must now reluctantly help sneak out of the district or lose her freedom. Another case has Kharma searching for evidence to lower a prisoner's sentence, Kharma finds something that just might set him free. Each story not only brings Kharma closer to the truth but closer to the dark side of a new society.

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