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BDD CONFUSION: Using Behaviour driven development for acceptance criteria: Carnsa Development Series, #4

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This is the fourth semi-fictional story from the Carnsa Development series. It focuses on Behaviour Driven Development, also known as BDD. It explores how BDD can be used to write effective acceptance criteria and support requirements. The story also includes a brief look at Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration to support test automation.

This book might be able to help you or your team with some of the following:

Difficulty writing effective acceptance tests to support requirements? Not sure about the link between BDD and automated testing? Want understand the ideal mindset to use and prepare gherkins? Not sure how TDD and its relation to BDD? Not sure how continuous integration relates to testing?

The story is set the life of the quirky Carnsa family, whose family projects are led by the mother and business analyst, Claudia. Granny has no problem voicing her opinion when she encounters some of the initial concepts that she does not agree with.

Why not join the family in exploration of the subjects, with scenario's you can relate to and a quiz, if you wish, to test your knowledge?

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