The Kukuza Gambit (Cane's Laws Book 2)

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The Kukuza Gambit (Cane's Laws Book 2)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 168 pages2 hours


Sam Cane has had enough. She's blown the Saved open, brought them to the attention of the Commonwealth. In short, she's done her bit and is ready to leave it all behind and get back to a quiet life of petty crime.

The powers that be have other plans for her, though. What she knows is too valuable, and what she's experienced too unique, to let her disappear back into obscurity. They've got her trapped, and that's not something she's going to take lying down.

Before she can find her out, though, the Saved show they're not done either, striking back with a terrifying new weapon not even she sees coming. Once again she's forced to rely on her wits to survive, breaking her rules to run a con with no preparation and based only on gut instinct. This time, at least, she's got a team and backing from some powerful players, but that brings its own problems. She's never been good at taking orders, but that's the thing that makes her so dangerous. The question is whether she's more dangerous to her own side...

'The Kukuza Gambit' picks up straight after the bloody events of 'The Ascension Run' as Sam continues her offensive against the Saved.

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