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Titanium Blue: The Leeward Files, #3

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Tobias Anthony Roberts aka Tar returned from a tour of Afghanistan without his leg. After pushing away the woman who loved him, he is not surprised she wants a divorce. Healed and leaving the Marines, Tar is determined to get his family back. Will he get a second chance at love?

Jenna McKenzie Roberts doesn't have time for romance. The only men in her life are her five-year old son, Toby, her father and her estranged husband. Juggling the café, her son and a father healing from bypass surgery, the only thing she wants from her ex is a divorce.

When Tar returns opening up old feelings of love and hurt, Jenna just wants him to go away before she gets her heart broke again. Can they find their way back to each other? Their renewed relationship will be tested, will it be strong enough to survive a parents' greatest fear?

A small-town romantic suspense, second chance romance.

Dark secrets threaten the town of Leeward but an unlikely hero steps forward to unmask the monsters and bring the secrets into the light. Is he a hero, or one of the monsters?

Titanium Blue, the third book in the Leeward Files series

A dark romantic suspense set in the small town of Leeward, North Carolina where secrets have been kept for decades. When estranged lovers, Tar and Jenna renew their relationship, their commitment must face a gauntlet of trials. Will they survive a parents' worst nightmare? Vandals, stalkers and a pedophile threaten their happily ever after. What's spookier than monsters at Halloween, real monsters who look like your neighbors. With their son missing, Tar and Jenna face a future without him. Can their fragile relationship withstand the possibilities?

Explicit sex, mild violence and adult topics, Titanium Blue is a continuation of the Chrome Pink story line with a standalone romance.

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