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Uncle Creeper

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"Don't be such a victim. It happens to all little girls at some point in their lives. Get over it and stop saying such things about your uncle; he has a family now."

This is a mother's response after being told by her daughter that she'd been sexually abused by her uncle. What do you think about her response? What would you say if this was happening to your child? We all would like to think we would protect and comfort our children in a similar situation, but we all know that doesn't always happen.  Lily's mother was little more than a bystander, tragically failing to protect her from the vile acts perpetrated by her younger brother - she did nothing to stop it.

Unfortunately, too many children grow up in dysfunctional environments and are left vulnerable and alone, making them perfect targets for pedophiles. 

In Uncle Creeper, Lily reveals the horrifying details of what happens to vulnerable little girls when no one is watching – and sometimes, even when they are.

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