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It's Our Time

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In the not too distant future, America has a new administration. One that re-wrote the constitution.

The population depends upon the government for their very existence. Free trade has been abolished and overpopulation is at record levels.

Only the privileged few, called Elites, live behind walls in Villages that keep the Hoodlums of the Divisions out.

If the gangs within the Divisions aren't killing each other, then the President's regime, or the chemically infected people known as Night Terrors are.

In Brooklyn's Division 12, a young nurse, named El, has had enough.

Joined by her best friend Kai, and a mysterious new friend, Pratt, El sets out to help those in her community.

You wouldn't think so much could change in a mere 25 years, and that is what the administration was counting on.

It's Our Time.

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