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我很怕黑,你可能也是。想到那地狱是黝黑的极黑,绝对的孤独,哀哭切齿的后悔,我便放胆为你传福音. 你不信基督,你的灵死定了。 你信基督,今生得丰富,来世得永生。此书阐述了作者通过圣经学习,对人性的深刻理解,对人生意义的明确和对生命的感悟。The author has been wondering and searching for the true purpose of life. She finally finds the truth in Jesus Christ and firmly believes God created human to be His children and HE will bring us back to His Kingdom. She writes eight essays in this book after a few years of studying Bible, and hope that her own understanding may be helpful to her Chinese fellows on the journey seeking truth and our Redeemer, Lord Jesus Christ.

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