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Requiem for the Magic’s Bind

485 pages6 hours


Edwyn has issues. His father, Leader Raedwulf the Bold, heads their village with a brusque attitude towards almost everything and everyone—including him. His mother, Dionisia, is skilled in the art of divination and can see more about him than a young magic-weaver would want. Oracle, his mentor and teacher, is demanding and can show up at the most unexpected moments. Edwyn still cannot decide which branch of magic to make his life’s work. Worst of all, the one time he tries to cast a major spell on his own—to take a crow familiar—he bungles it and realizes that the bird was no ordinary crow. He discovers he has created a magical bind between himself and a potential enemy, a male member of the Korvo Clan. Now, in order to save the villagers from a dreadful future, Edwyn must take a step in a direction that he never thought possible—marriage!

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