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Getting Acquainted With the Bible: Its Makeup, Purpose, and Story

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Imagine being given several small oddly shaped, differently colored, random puzzle pieces and told to complete the picture they form when correctly assembled. How much easier will it be if you also have a copy of the complete picture the assembled puzzle depicts?

Beginning Bible students can feel like they have been given the pieces but not the picture. They open the Bible to find a collection of different writings and styles that refer to distant and unfamiliar people, places, and customs. Sometimes the writings seem repetitive; at other times they seem to jump from one idea to another.

It is easier to understand the Bible if we already have an idea about its purpose, how its parts fit together, and the plot its story develops. Getting Acquainted with the Bible is a primer that aims to introduce the Bible's big picture, purpose, and parts. Its author believes we will more fully appreciate and benefit from the details of its teaching if we see the complete picture that gives those details their meaning.

This book takes note of how the Bible differs from other books and explains how its parts fit together and why we should study it. It also helps beginning students find their way around the Bible and the story it tells.

Both first-time Bible readers and those who would like a review will find it useful.

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