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Going Chromebook



In the first book, "Going Chromebook: Living in the Cloud," we looked at Chromebooks and the various software options available for them, and we decided whether or not the cloud lifestyle was for you. If you've gotten this far, then the answer was a confident "Yes!" 

Now it's time to look into specific apps and how to use them.

First up is Google's own word processing system, Google Docs. It was Google's first and most well-known cloud app. It's also the most mature and, arguably, the most powerful. If you need to do any writing, whether a simple shopping list or a full-length book, Google Docs is the tool to use. 

This book begins by introducing you to the differences between Google Docs and the competing online office suites. We'll also look into Google's free and paid tiers for Google Docs/G Suite, and which one works out best for your needs.

Next, there's a short review chapter on how to manipulate, delete, copy, and do various file operations within the Google Drive file manager.

After that, we'll go through every single command and menu, every toolbar, and all the hidden options. This is the bulk of the material, and no stone (or menu) is left unturned. This includes voice transcription, translation, citations and footnotes, embedding Google Sheets and Slides, and all the other special things Docs can do for you. 

Lastly, for the things that Google Docs still just can't do, we will look at some of the very best third-party add-ons for Docs, allowing you to do all sorts of wild tasks. 

You already know the benefits of working in the cloud-- Now it's time to learn how to get the most out of it!

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