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Chances: A Steamy F/F Lesbian Romance

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You can take a chance for passion…
But can you take a chance for love?

Lesbians have it easy when it comes to finding passion.
It’s not hard at all. That’s something a lot of straight people don’t know.
No, the hard part is not getting laid, but falling in love.
Because, so often, it requires taking a chance…
I took a chance on Jodie, an older woman.
She took a chance on me, a tatted-up twenty-something.
I knew it would lead me to fantastic heights of pleasure.
I knew with her experience she’d make me see white, make me feel heavenly bliss.
But what I didn’t expect was for her to understand me in a way I didn’t.
What I didn’t expect was to… fall in love.
Sometimes, you have to take a chance.
Passion is always promised…
…but sometimes, you find something more.

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