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Everlasting: A Steamy F/F Lesbian Romance

292 pages6 hours


Ava was unforgettable.
The moment I met her, I was frozen, stunned into silence.
She was unrelentingly beautiful.
Elegantly exquisite.
Sinfully sexy.
She was the kind of woman I dreamed of being with…
The kind of woman no red-blooded lesbian woman ever, truly thinks they’ll find.
I fell so fast, it might have killed me.
It was a whirlwind ripping through wheat fields.
My whole life changed, was turned upside down and inside out.
We explored each other endlessly.
I touched and tasted every inch of her gorgeous body.
We burned as bright as a thousand suns.
We soared into white-hot bliss together.
And she took up residence in my heart, a permanent home.
This is our story.
It wasn’t all good – after all, what romance is?
But she was the very best thing to ever happen to me.

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