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Children's Short Stories, Book 2

118 pages42 minutes


Children's Short Stories, Book 2 is a box set collection of three short stories: Ammon The Genie, Kahuna The Magician, and Congo and Will. Take a seat on Ammon's magic carpet, and you can go for a ride on a magical journey through Egypt. Kahuna is a great magician that lives on a beautiful island in Hawaii. He performs magic shows and stunts for the local Hawaiians and the visiting tourists. He shocks the crowds with his incredible and daring stunts. Disappear for a while in this magical story, and find out the big secret that Kahuna is keeping. Congo and Will is a captivating story about a Congo African Grey Parrot named Congo and a little boy named Will. The story takes place in Africa with adventure and excitement in the Congo Basin Rainforest, Congo River, and a small African village by the ocean.

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