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Scott & Jesus: Lost Comedy Duo of the Scriptures

87 pages


YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LAUGH. Too often our faith is like wearing a T-shirt that’s two sizes too small. We keep trying to pull it and tug it and all the while it feels like we are slowly suffocating.

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LAUGH. The finger pointers and the self-appointed judges of what’s appropriate and what isn’t sit in the back row and scowl. They sing Joy to the World as if it were a funeral dirge. They say, “Stop that laughing. You are in CHURCH!”

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LAUGH. Jesus did. He must have. How could any human being (or divine being) made of love and joy spend all his life being a scowler and fun-spoiler?

This book is the comfy flannel night-shirt counterpart to that too-tight T-shirt we are so often forced to wear when we talk about faith and religion. Sit back. Relax. Oh, and it’s probably best not to drink coffee sitting across from someone you love while reading this book. Just fair warning. It’s okay to laugh.

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