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The House on Camp Ruby Road: Book One of Ghosts of The Big Thicket

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Inheriting an old southern homestead in the deep woods of East Texas may not always be a good thing.

The House on Camp Ruby Road is the story of three generations of women living in the Big Thicket of deep East Texas. It is a mystical place where Eden Devereaux, a college student in the early 1960s is drawn into a haunting world full of damaged and grotesque people, reminiscent of Southern Gothic literature. After inheriting a crumbling southern homestead in the Big Thicket upon the death of her mother, Eden must find out why she is entitled to it. But more importantly, who wants to make sure she doesn’t inherit it and why.

The story weaves around three women: our heroine, who is searching for answers to a childhood dream; an elderly black woman who is living in the house and who holds the key to the mystery of the dream; and a young girl from the river bottom people, fleeing an unbearable life. They form an unlikely bond through adversity. Eden is aided in her search by handsome Jeff Callahan, who better understands the strange world in which she finds herself.

Will she be driven away by blood feuds, secrets, and ghosts? Or will she take a stand and claim what is hers? Through her true Texas grit and determination, she will find out the truth about who she really is, and who it is she truly loves.

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