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The Blueprint

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About the Book

The broke-out war among the extra-terrestrials at the Peak of Eternal Abode over the ownership and rulership of its domain saw the pulling-down of the opposer, Illumination and his cohorts, as he wanted to be in the same hierarchy with his Maker, The Source. Illumination was able to gain support from some of the multi-dimensional members, including some of The Elements-Wind, Water and Fire and convince them to rebel against their Maker. However, what illumination thought was the only way to outrightly strip The Source His kingly authority turned out to be in futility as His Maker, through the instrumentality of the rest of His made subjects as led by The Guard, His assigned guard, together with his Profound League of Justice Keepers, orchestrated an eventual Mark of Defeat, a wide Gap of Banishment and consequent Seal of Demotion into the Negative Plane of Eternity and Realm of Neutrality of him, his followers and the elements that followed them, far below the threshold of His habitation.

About the Author

Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, has a mandate of serving humanity through the creative use of writing. Encouraged by his labor for knowledge through the years, he has unequivocally brought to the hearing of people and organisations values that would be instrumental to their positive change. To depict this feat, Mr. Ben has written over twenty works-fiction and non-fiction. He has under his belt written works that fall under various categories.

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