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The Written Soul

The Written Soul

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The Written Soul

104 pages
34 minutes
Apr 1, 2019


"The Written Soul" takes the reader on an emotive journey of both trial and triumph. Through heartfelt poetic storytelling, Elle reveals a personal narrative in such a way that is relatable and empowering. Each and every poem serves as a symbol of unshakable strength and unwavering perseverance. In the face of darkness itself, the poet harnesses her inner courage, spiritual faith, and the unconditional support of her loved ones to undergo a total-life transformation. From anxiety and depression, to suicide, this book sheds light on a wide range of important topics.

Apr 1, 2019

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The Written Soul - Elle Jay



The Written Soul is an autobiography. It is a glimpse of my life through poetry. These poems represent a form of therapy and self-expression. Poetry was my voice when I didn’t have one. I was able to write what I could not speak aloud. I, like many, struggle with depression and anxiety. I have never had the courage to share my poetry with others. It has always been sacred to me. Honestly, I feared judgment from others. However, I now realize that my experiences have meaning, and my poetry can be of help to many. This book embodies poetry that has been written over the years of my life. WARNING…there will be highs and lows, vulgarity and brutal honesty. With all that being said, I invite you on this battle with self.


You scream no

Time stands still

Yet he proceeds

I have no realization of what’s happening to me

I feel like my breath has been taken

I’m innocent no longer

I never had a choice

This shall always be on his guilty conscious

I’m screaming

I’m kicking

I’m yelling

I’m fighting

I’m dying

The girl you use to know is no more

That sweet angelic voice

Has turned into rage and hate

I wish I could put a gun to that f***ing bastard’s face

No more

Do I feel alive

I am afraid to close my eyes sometimes

Because when I dream

I see you

You, taking the one thing I held so dear to me

And yet

You live your life as if nothing ever happened

While I’m here suicidal and on anti-depressants

And still

I scream no

Time stands still

Yet you proceed

You’re the reason I’m so full of disgust

The reason I hate myself

And don’t want to be touched

You’re the reason for all my ups and downs

The reason I don’t fight

Or even care to stay alive

No longer do I hold my head up high

Because all I can do is cry

My emotions have run dry

I have so much animosity built up inside

Somehow, I wish I could break free

Free from these demons that are steady haunting me

But I feel that day will never come

As I consume these bottles of pills

Thinking of what I did wrong

You scream no

Time stands still

Yet he proceeds

Life isn’t always what you want it to be


It’s overwhelming

This painful feeling

From the damage you’ve brought

It’s so crowded inside my head

Trying to get away from these thoughts

Don’t want to do anything foolish

So I guess I’ll play pretend

And act like you didn’t leave me here

Standing on this ledge


Why must one continue to walk in the

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