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Tapestries and other short stories

60 pages46 minutes


A collection of five short stories by Australian author Alana Woods, the Intrigue Queen of thriller fiction

How's about a little romance tale with a happy ending? Or perhaps another with a punch-in-the-gut jolt at the finale? They're right here.

Would you prefer a really short one that'll make you laugh `til your eyes water and your sides hurt - so funny that you'll have to hang onto the chair arms to keep from falling over? I guarantee that you'll be yelling to whomever's in the next room, "Hey, you've just got to read this!" I did - after I got to where I could stop laughing.

You'll have to buy the book and explore the very last yarn to find out what's there. I won't tell you more, except that you'll get pulled right into it, in a hurry.

Alana Woods has given us a gem - a collection of wonderfully written short stories that will leave you asking for more. She's an extraordinarily imaginative author with a virtuoso's command of the language. Don't miss this one!

John L Work, author

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