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Tapestries and other short stories

Tapestries and other short stories

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Tapestries and other short stories

64 pages
47 minutes
May 11, 2019


A collection of five short stories by Australian author Alana Woods, the Intrigue Queen of thriller fiction

How's about a little romance tale with a happy ending? Or perhaps another with a punch-in-the-gut jolt at the finale? They're right here.

Would you prefer a really short one that'll make you laugh `til your eyes water and your sides hurt - so funny that you'll have to hang onto the chair arms to keep from falling over? I guarantee that you'll be yelling to whomever's in the next room, "Hey, you've just got to read this!" I did - after I got to where I could stop laughing.

You'll have to buy the book and explore the very last yarn to find out what's there. I won't tell you more, except that you'll get pulled right into it, in a hurry.

Alana Woods has given us a gem - a collection of wonderfully written short stories that will leave you asking for more. She's an extraordinarily imaginative author with a virtuoso's command of the language. Don't miss this one!

John L Work, author

May 11, 2019

About the author

Alana Woods is a storyteller who loves writing about the country closest to her heart; her home, Australia. Given she's an urbanite that means stories with Australia's capital cities front and centre. Her first published novel, AUTOMATON, a thriller set among the machinations of the Canberra legal scene, won the Fast Books Annual Prize for Best Australian Indie Fiction. Her second, IMBROGLIO, contemporary intrigue suspense, weaves in beautiful but sometimes-dangerous Sydney and it's world-famous harbour. And there are more in the pipeline. Want to contact Alana? You can do it through the Contacts page on her website:

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Tapestries and other short stories - Alana Woods


Industry reviews

Gisela Hausmann, author of The Naked series, The Little Blue Book for Authors and Are We Nuts

Short stories are supposed to leave a longing, a desire to spin off from where the story ended, and create space to ponder about what would have been and what could have been. Award-winning author Alana Woods is a master in doing so.

Claude Forthomme, author of the Lunar Rising series, Crimson Clouds, Gateway to Forever and others

Short stories from a master storyteller, no doubt about it. You may not like all of them, there is one built around a character's body problems that is perhaps not as appealing as the others. But the sensitivity and deftness with which this author describes and develops her characters are worth the read. This is someone you want to watch, I know I shall keep reading her.

John L Work, author of The Detective JD Welch Files, The Barter and Reckoning series and other novels

Alana Woods has given us a gem—a collection of wonderfully written short stories that will leave you asking for more. She's an extraordinarily imaginative author with a virtuoso's command of the language. Don't miss this one!

About Alana Woods

Hello, this is me!

I haven’t written a lot of short stories, being more inclined towards novels.  But sometimes an idea occurs that I think "I’ve got to tell that one’ even though I know it’s not going to be a long one.

That’s what these stories are. And all but one is based on my life and experiences.

Let me tell you how.

The first, Tapestries and sleeping beauties, results from a combination of some serious chimney cleaning I did on a house my husband John and I were building while living in Canberra and a sometimes past-time I have of embroidery/tapestry.  The cover for this book depicts part of one I copied from an illuminated plate in The Book of Kells.

Squeaky shoes stems from a time I knew someone whose husband was an unapologetic farter.  He let them go whenever and wherever he felt the need.  If caught out he would say ‘Oops, squeaky shoes’.  It took only a fraction of imagination to come up with a story about an ensuing divorce!

The scenic route is a true story.  John and I were camper-vanning around Europe with our two daughters and our experience with the border guard carabinieri actually happened.

A south sea pearl is fiction but based on a beautiful pearl John bought for me on a visit to Broome some years ago.  Tragically, for me, it was stolen along with most of my jewellery in later years.  It was very special and I will always regret its loss.  I put a curse on the thieves, but that’s another story!

Last but not least, Yin and Yang is pure fiction.

I hope you find them entertaining.

also by Alana Woods





You can’t spend hours, days, weeks, years tapping away on a keyboard if your other half isn’t happy about it.  Thankfully my other half is encouragement personified!


© Alana Woods


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

All characters in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

ISBN 978-0-9579767-6-4

Typeset in 12/14 Garamond

Published by WoodsfortheTrees


First edition 2011

Second edition 2019

Tapestries and other short stories


Squeaky shoes

First published in The International Year of the Older Person short story anthology


‘Oh thanks love.  Yes, I’d love a cup and a sit down.  I’m fair exhausted, I can tell you.  Three hours it took.  Never thought t’see daylight again.  Thought I’d sprout roots in that box you have t’sit

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