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The Synagogue of Satan- Chapter Two of Possessions of the Human Kind Saga

398 pages5 hours


When Detective Matthew Sugar and Dr. Leslie Johnson are happily married, things spiral out of control in Humanity Ville, Texas.
Dr. Munoz admits a patient, none in town have set their eyes upon, to The Hope Psychiatric Facility.
Ghosts, demonic apparitions, and possessions regenerate as a secret underground gathering comes to light.
Leslie continues having flashbacks of her birth-mother while Shianne questions the death of her psychic mom. The enemy continues his attack as the women pray for answers.
The past comes forth and will collide with Halloween as it quickly approaches.
Harding and Sugar are elbows deep in the kidnapping of a high school student by a perp in an unmarked, black van. Can the two be related?
What will the women do when they find the answers to their frightening, demonic memories? Why do they recall nights spent as children inside a satanic gathering?

Readers must begin with Chapter One "Possessions of the Human Kind" Saga.

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