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Summary of Every Note Played by Lisa Genova | Conversation Starters

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Every Note Played by Lisa Genova | Conversation Starters

Every Note Played is the latest book from author Lisa Genova. It is the heartbreaking story of one man's battle with ALS. Richard is a world-famous concert pianist. He has played for his fans all over the globe. He is celebrated for his perfect accuracy and ability to play with deep emotion that moves his audiences. To his surprise, Richard was diagnosed with ALS, which meant life as he knew it would end. He has already lost the ability to move his right arm, and he knows it will not be long before his left arm is paralyzed as well.
Karina and Richard divorced many years ago. She is a jazz pianist with dreams of being a jazz musician, but she gave that up to help Richard follow his own dreams. Now, she works as a piano teacher. Karina is stuck, unable to move on from the painful marriage and divorce she experienced with Richard. Even with all of this resentment towards Richard, Karina takes Richard back into her home and becomes his caretaker.
People Magazine said that Every Note Played does not spare the difficulties of ALS, but it also "celebrates humanity." The Boston wrote in their review of Every Note Played, that the story would capture the reader, but it would also devastate them.

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