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Tales of Life: Humanity Falls

63 pages40 minutes


Tales of Life: Humanity Falls
Series: 1 - Tale #6

Would you die for love?

In this Dark, Mature-Themed tale, the brutality of man comes to a head.

Karly and Liam live aboard the Vorheez Space Station along with nearly one thousand other souls. The station is designed to support the mission of the Inios Space Command in Universal Exploration, but what isn't known is what is truly happening on the Space Station.

Dr. Rachel Lier, Vice Commander of the Medical Unit for the Inios Space Command aboard the Vorheez Space Station is in charge of overseeing and executing the medical experimentation's conducted here. When she sets her eyes on the two lost souls Karly and Liam, a fiendish game begins to play out that threatens not only their lives, but also their humanity.

What suffering are they willing to endure for love?

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