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The Midwife

The Midwife

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The Midwife

65 pages
53 minutes
May 6, 2019


Marsha loved taking care of pregnant women, hearing about how they got pregnant and taking care of their special needs. She loved it when they came to her horny and wanting attention. She never got tired of being between their legs. Marsha can’t get pregnant and was surprised when Wendy asked her to be her personal Midwife. She was even more surprised when Wendy made her feel just as good and satisfied Marsha’s lust for pregnant women?

May 6, 2019

About the author

After serving in the Army, I earned a B.A. Degree. I've worked many different jobs: Security Guard, Printing Press Operator, and Loan Processor. I know write full time mostly erotic fiction also science fiction. Sometimes I combine the two. I live and write in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Midwife - S L Hendrickson



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The mall was busy, and it was Marsha’s third trip there this week. She was on a hunting expedition for new business. She would make her way through the stores specializing in baby apparel and supplies and all the other stores selling baby items looking, searching, for that one special person. It had to be someone young, unmarried, and not too far along. Although there was a married woman in her group, the unwed women were always more receptive to her special service. The first couple of clients had been easy to get since they were patients at the clinic where she used to work as a registered nurse. Now that she was self-employed as a midwife finding new clients had become more difficult. She was almost ready to give up the search for the day when she spotted a young woman coming into the store. Marsh figured she was in her twenties, with long, blond, hair, and really starting to show. Marsha circled her, observing, knowing that she had to move slowly while stalking her prey. There was no wedding ring, and as she got closer, noticed that her tight pullover top had a small wet spot where the nipple was protruding. She was always amazed how young women today were not afraid to show everything. When she was pregnant, she wore nothing but large maternity dresses, but she was dressed like all the young women today letting the stomach stick out, over the jeans, and the tight top showed that the tits were huge already filling up with milk.

I couldn’t help but notice that you are leaking.


You’re leaking, Marsha repeated pointing to her top.

Don’t you have any maternity bras?

No, I hate wearing bras.

I understand, do have any tissue?

No, she replied searching through her purse.

Maybe your husband or boyfriend can help?

I’m not married and the guy, who did this, is long gone, she said patting her stomach.

I would be happy to help, Marsha responded while giving her a business card

You’re a midwife?

Yes, I have helped deliver over a hundred, healthy babies. I have some tissue; we just need to find a restroom.

Marsha took her by the arm. Younger women always trusted her. It was her authoritative manner and dress. She was wearing dark slacks with a lavender blouse, and a blue suit coat. Her hair was combed straight back looking like a nanny. On the way to the restroom, she found out her name was Wendy and was six months along.

Marsh led her into the restroom and into a stall. There were two other women in the bathroom one with a small child, but they paid no attention to them. Once in the stall, Marsh took out her tissue and put her purse on the floor. Wendy helped roll up the tight top. Marsha wiped her nipple with the tissue and admired her big; young breasts that didn’t hang down, but was sticking straight out. Her hand was trembling slightly in anticipation of what was coming next.

You have a buildup of milk, Marsha whispered. It needs to be extracted. Then she took the nipple in her mouth, sucking, and swallowing the little droplets of sweet milk. Wendy’s mouth dropped open watching her suck on the engorged, crimson nipple. She rested her head on the wall of the stall and closed her eyes, and moaned as Marsha sucked. Marsha worked on the other nipple, sucking on it like a baby while she reached into her slacks, found the clit, and within moments, shook with an orgasm. Wendy stood mesmerized as Marsha continued to suck and drink drops of milk. The stall was filled with the smell of her pregnant cunt and Marsha wanted to be between her legs lapping at it. Marsha let her calm down as she wiped her nipples again with the tissue.

I hope you enjoyed it? Marsha asked.

Yes, it was wonderful, Wendy replied.

We have a support group for unwed mothers. It meets every Friday afternoon and usually lasts well into the night if not all night.

Is this what you do there?

I can do much more, and it would be wonderful if you could be there.

I don’t know. I will have to think about it.

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