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Jim Boru is called into the office of the CEO to talk about legal trouble stemming from when he was attacked, he wins a Court case.
Computer programmer Jim Boru is then accused of stealing software, he wins a Court case.
Computer programmer Jim Boru then runs a successful computer operation.
When his company is to be acquired, Jim Boru has to deal with sexy Bianca, who runs the acquiring company.

I laugh, “I’m not a usual size guy. I buy my suits from a wholesale outfit, downtown. My suits are bespoke, of the finest material and they cost only a little more than the extensive alterations that are necessary for me to fit into an off the rack suit.”

Elizabeth asks, “Why don’t the expensive material suits cost more?”

I laugh, “A mill produces a certain amount of wool cloth. They ship what is in the style of the season. They also ship in mill ends of really fine wool cloth, to see if there might be a demand. I can spot the really fine wool cloth, through a heavy smog day. What I wear is usually one of a kind. A lady like Bianca might well notice.”

(Okay, I’m as prepared as I can be. I drive over to CiPasso. I go in and tell the maitre’d that I’m to join a lady named Bianca.)

The maitre’d tells me “Che bella cosa! The lady has not yet arrived, but you can wait at the bar.”

A sexy female voice says, “Piero, the lady has arrived.”

(I turn and I see a very attractive young lady, dressed in a gown that screams money, in a muted voice. The lady herself radiates power.)

I say, “If you are Bianca, the pleasure is mine.”

The lady eyes me and says, “You are James Boru?”

“I am just plain Jim Boru.”

Bianca says, “Piero, please lead us to the table that I have reserved.”

Piero reacts only to the lady, which might well have been the case, even if she weren’t obviously rich.

I just follow along.

We get to the table and get seated.

(I was prepared to seat the lady but pro Piero handles the little task like the maitre’d that he is.)

Bianca orders an appetizer and then says, “This is your first time at CiPasso?”

I say, “Yes, I have never dined here before.”

Bianca asks me, “Do you have any food allergies?

I laugh and say, “I come from hardy peasant stock and I can eat anything that doesn’t set my mouth on fire.”
Bianca laughs and says, “There’s no chance of that at CiPasso. The food here is prepared to enhance the flavor of the food and not hidden under too much spice.’

I ask, “What should I order?”

Bianca says, “Since it is a business supper, I will order us a simple dish, but done with CiPasso flair.”

A waiter appears, as if by magic.

Bianca orders a couple of meals and a couple of glasses of wine. She says, “Just the one glass, this is a business meal.”

I say, “Yes, I have come prepared to answer what questions you may have for me.”

Bianca asks, “You seem at ease, dealing with a woman.”

“I’m a computer programmer. I have skilled people people working for me. I have women programmers, also I have programmers of different races and/or religions. My motto is ‘Be good, or begone!’”

Bianca says, “You were involved in some trouble with a past employer.”

“I was working at what I was assigned to do. I was then visited by my Department Manager and a goon. The Department Manager set the goon on me. I defended myself, nothing more.”

Bianca asks, “Were you afraid?”

(I can see a critical situation, I need to be very careful.) “I grew up in a very bad part of the city. I had to establish early on that I would not be a punching bag or a little one for the bad bays. I can defend myself and my people, if I have to, however, I don’t look for trouble.”

Bianca says, “You then went to Court.”

I laugh, “I went to Court twice. The first time was because the police arrested me, for what I know not, after I defended myself against an unprovoked goon

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