Hunted by Death : BOOKS ONE AND TWO

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Hunted by Death : BOOKS ONE AND TWO

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Length: 234 pages3 hours


Forget everything you've learned from the movies.

No place is really safe and no one can be trusted. When you're fighting to stay alive, nothing is off limits.
Olivia knew better than to trust anyone; knew better than to get close to anyone ever again. But, when she meets two people willing to offer her shelter, she goes against her better judgment and allows herself to trust them. 
Will they be the answer to her prayers or will she die at the hands of those she trusted?

Trusting anyone is dangerous, but sometimes, you don't have much of a choice.
Olivia has unfinished business to deal with, but getting back turns out to be harder than she expected. 

Kaden will do whatever it takes to create a vaccine, and he's not afraid to destroy anyone that's foolish enough to get in his way.

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