Backsliding Church Organizations is a kaleidoscopic view of the intussusceptions that have made incursions into the realm of truth and have caused infestations into the august body of believers inaugurated on the day of Pentecost. It takes a look into the historical slide of the church as the forces of evil waged diabolical and lethal warfare against its foundational concept – the Godhead. The man-made contraption of the Godhead into a trilogy of gods, spearheaded by Roman Catholicism and its successful attempts at preservation of this conceptualization, stems the history of Christianity.This narrative looks at the forces of darkness and their coalescence to obfuscate the Acts 2:38 Church. Historicity of the Church, however, shows a vibrant Oneness Apostolic operational Church. We have eternal truths that do not fear scrutiny. We are Oneness Apostolics and we stand at our proverbial post and dare anyone to cast abominations on our heritage.
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