To the Work! To the Work!: Exhortations to Christians

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To the Work! To the Work!: Exhortations to Christians

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During the years that I have been privileged to labor for God, in this country and in England, I have strongly and increasingly felt that the task of arousing Christians to a deeper sense of their responsibility is even a more important one than that of the simple evangelist. As I have frequently had occasion to remark: It is far better to get a hundred men to work than to do the work oneself. Only when the rank and file of the Christian Churches are enlisted in active service for Christ, will His Kingdom advance as it ought.

This volume contains various addresses which it has been my privilege to deliver to Christian workers during the last year. The blessing of God, I believe, rested on the spoken word; it is my earnest hope and prayer that a still greater blessing may be given wherever these exhortations are read and pondered. The addresses, it will be seen, are arranged so as to preserve consecutive thought.

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