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Voted In: Voting & Elections .. facts to remember and celebrate

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A stretch? Maybe, but facts and historical events about voters, voting and elections are treasures worth remembering AND worth celebrating. That statement may seem out-of-date or even laughable. There is a common perception that any fact dealing with the Electoral College, election recounts, the popular vote or absentee ballots should be held in head scratching contempt. It may seem like a tall order but VOTED IN: Voting & Elections is a guide, a narrative to understand and appreciate voting and elections. An inside look at how we vote. To begin, trace the roots of modern day voting and the historical events that shaped how we hold elections. Focus on the US Constitution and the national election landscape. To include the US Congress, the individual States, the People and the courts. Next a refreshed on various Constitutional Amendments granting the right to vote to Women and abolishing the Poll Tax, the Youth Vote and direct election of Senators. Plus a closer look and Baker v. Carr and Reynold v. Sims and the famous Supreme Court decision of Bush v. Gore and Citizens United. Satisfy your curiosity about (1) the Electoral College (2) a Gerrymander (3) rise of Political Parties (4) why we vote on Tuesday in November and in secret and (5) why the president and VP only serve two terms in office. Finally a discussion about voting and election trends that loom large just over the far horizon. Keep and eye on Voting Rights, Campaign Finance and Political Gerrymandering and how these and others developments in voting and elections will shape the Fortunes of Democracy.

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