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Spoken from the Heart: Choosing Grace

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Do you know what it means to "choose grace?"

Do you ever stop to think about all the times God showers us with His grace?  Yes, through unexpected blessings, but more importantly through undeserved salvation.

I'm still trying to grasp the full meaning of the word grace in my everyday life.  However, I do know this: It comes in many forms, is seen through a variety of people, and God gives us countless opportunities to pass it on to others throughout our lives.

Join me on my adventure as I learn to embrace the grace He has given to me and then allow it to overflow to others. I pray that this book will start or continue a dialogue between you and the God of the Universe regarding how much He loves you and wants to bless you with His grace.  God doesn't change. He won't force His grace on people, just as He doesn't force humankind to love Him.

So how do we experience God's grace for ourselves? The answer is quite simple:  We ask and then receive. I would love to have you travel with me as we discover the grace God has waiting for us!

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