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Serving Two Masters 3

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If you were to fulfill your fantasy of submitting to your first master, who would you choose; a young, strikingly good-looking lover who knows your desires like he knows his own, or a distinguished, experienced dom whose strength pulsates off him like the heat from the sun?

Isabel’s body quivered as she stared into Jack’s experienced eyes. The pleasure his demands brought her was unmatched and her future would have been clear if it wasn’t for an unexpected ally.

Could Luca’s family secret change Isabel’s mind? And when Luca enacts his grandly seductive play for Isabel’s undivided submission, will he gain Isabel’s unwavering hand in marriage? Or will Luca’s actions set up a final confrontation between Isabel’s two masters that neither Jack nor he can win?

Isabel will have to decide.

‘SERVING TWO MASTERS 3’ is a sexy new edition of the international bestselling series ‘At Their Pleasure'. It is for those who like love triangles, spankings and extreme erotic play.

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

Erotic Excerpt:
“Whoosh,” the flog landed on her ass, with a bit of it nicking her labia. She shuddered. The flog went down on her a few more times until she lost balance and fell to the side, toppling a lamp. Jack corrected her position by pulling the leash toward him until she regained a tenuous balance. He then took the latex pen*s and slid it in and out of her vag**a, pinching her cl*t from time to time to add to the intensity of her experience before he pulled it out and repositioned it in her ass.

“Follow me,” he said, leading her toward the bedroom, willfully allowing her to bump against furniture, walls and doors.

He enjoyed this domination. Rarely had he found such a willing slave to his every desire. Isabel's knees cracked as he led her down a marble hall that led to plush carpet that she imaged was the suite's bedroom. What must have been at the foot of the bed, Jack stopped and dropped Isabel's leash. He pushed her over with his foot and now she lay on her back, hands cuffed in front of her and legs sprawled. Perfect. She was in position for his little game.

Jack poured a bit of Cognac over Isabel's cl*t and watched as it rolled into her vag**a and onto the carpet. It stung. As Jack approached Isabel's pu**y with his tongue, he took a moment to savor Isabel's musky smell mixed with that of his favorite Cognac. He poured more and lapped it up from Isabel's pu**y. Isabel let out a long and deep moan as he slid a couple of fingers into her pu**y and licked her cl*t. He loved the rich tanginess produced by the Cognac and Isabel's juices.

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