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Serving Two Masters 4

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If you were to fulfill your fantasy of submitting to your first master, who would you choose; a young, strikingly good-looking lover who knows your desires like he knows his own, or a distinguished, experienced dom whose strength pulsates off him like the heat from the sun?

When Isabel first lay eyes on her gorgeous, Italian fiancé Luca, she couldn’t know how much he would change her life. Introducing her to the heights of pleasure, his passions also set fate into motion introducing her to the distinguished, and inescapably demanding Jack.

But now, kneeling at the feet of her two sensual masters, Isabel learns that a choice has to be made. She can’t have it all... or can she? She won’t have both men... or will she?

Isabel’s life is at a crossroads, and what happens next, can only be read to be believed. In this final chapter of Isabel’s quivering adventure, she will make a decision on her marriage and her man. But not before she experiences the most erotic experience of her life.

Nothing in Isabel’s life will be the same again.

‘SERVING TWO MASTERS 4’ is a new release and the final chapter of the international bestselling series ‘At Their Pleasure'. It is for those who like love triangles, spankings and extreme erotic play.

12,250 words.

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

Erotic Excerpt:
Jack felt the electricity pulsate through Isabel sending a surge of desire straight to his cock. He grabbed it and squeezed firmly, reminding his erection that the night was young.

Jack's cigar was now out. He teased the opening of Isabel's ass with the unsmoked end. He pushed it deep enough to make Isabel moan. Isabel's ass was tight. It resisted the cigar at first, but as Jack rubbed her pussy it acquiesced allowing its full thickness to lodge into her.

Isabel's muscles contracted at the penetration. The thrill ebbed just before she felt Jack's belt around her ankles pulling her away from the bed to the middle of the Persian rug. Her arms got stuck in the bathrobe until Jack pulled her onto her elbows. Now on display in the middle of the room, Jack retrieved a small foot stool.

“Put your stomach on this and put your ass in the air,” Jack commanded.

Isabel positioned herself onto the footstool, plumping her ass as an offering to her master. Jack said nothing as he blindfolded her, his hard, clothed erection brushing against her body.

“Do not move. You will obey my every command. Do you understand?” Jack said.

Isabel nodded as her body shook with anticipation of what would come next.

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