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Never Say Di: Mickey Starts, #1

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1997 was a bad year for Britain. The most loved woman in the land died in a tragic car accident in Paris. Her name was Princess Diana and few people have never forgotten her. So what can Mickey do, twenty years later, when faced with a man who claims that the incident was nothing to do with bad luck and he knows that, because he killed her! Mickey is on duty when he hears that, working for his usual unit, the anti-terrorist branch called WSB. It puts Mickey in a difficult position, because, the next week, he is back 'off-duty', a civilian on the street. What power does he have to investigate further? And should he? The Unit boss, Captain Gibson, makes it clear to Mickey that he should bow out, and Mickey finds himself alone, isolated and threatened. Only one woman will stand by him, but they are going to have to travel far to find answers. First Paris, and then the south of France. All the way, harrassment and threats dog their steps. It soon becomes clear that great nations are playing lethal games, all desparate to conceal their own roles in the tragedy, but equally eager to put the blame on others. Mickey plows ahead. He is going to get answers - even if it kills him!

(This is the first book in a series called 'Mickey Starts', where just the first chapter is included. You will also get a Synopsis, so you can judge whether you want to read more. But if you do, it's up to you!) 

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