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Mickey is a Secret Agent and used to living a 'double life'. For his new assignment, he's working 'triple'. He's pretending to be a lecturer in a prestigious college in Manchester, England, but the story he tells his superiors - which allows him to work 'undercover' - is that he is helping them solve some finanical irregularities. In fact, it's far more serious than that. He's hunting a foreign agitator and possible terorrist. After several weeks, Mickey is getting nowhere on either front, but then things turn really nasty, when the suspect is found dead. Who could have caused that? And why? Are there other forces at work in this remote, academic institution - tensions that could cause murder and arson? It doesn't seem possible, and Mickey is reluctant to believe it, even when he sees the evidence with his own eyes. He has to learn a valuable lesson - something that he could share with his students. If you see it with yourself, then no matter how unbelievable, it's the sad and horrifying truth.

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